Sambut Asian Games 2018, Jalan Sudirman-Thamrin Dipercantik – Liputan6 Siang

Sidewalks and two streets in the Sudirman-Thamrin area are enhanced. This area is reorganized with the concept of Jakarta For All. This means that there will be paths for pedestrians, motorbikes, public transport, and public facilities. Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta has the goal of arranging Sudirman-Thamrin area, which can be utilized by all citizens. As per the motto of Jakarta For All. Heart of this city, every day became one of the centers of the activities of citizens. No wonder, Anies-Sandi focus set. Moreover, welcomed the 2018 Asian Games. And here’s a picture of the new face of Sudirman-Thamrin road. There is a wide pavement for pedestrians, there are public facilities, there are also special roads for wheels, two and public vehicles and lanes for four-wheeled vehicles. Not to forget, the special bus line Transjakarta. The sidewalks will be transformed more than just a place for pedestrians. As a space of expression, there will be a variety of arts and cultural performances.

Not to mention supporting facilities such as toilets, kiosks and facilities for persons with disabilities. That is quite unique there will be walk of fame, or plate inscribed the names of the pride of Indonesia athletes. Anies Baswedan Governor of DKI Jakarta Setup Sudirman-Thamrin area, believed to break down the congestion and cause citizens desire; to walk and to use public transport. Dana Paramita Reporter SCTV.

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